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Our Clients

We are focused on long-term relationships and building strategic partnerships with our client companies.

Our clients are our priority. We consider our clients to be our partners. We strive to craft strategic solutions that achieve the best outcomes while trying to minimize costs and disruptions for our client companies.

We are an independent firm; thus, we do not have any conflicts of interests. This enhances our ability to achieve desired results.

Given the extensive experience of our team and the depth of our network, we have the expertise to service clients - from start-up phase to mature public companies. Undoubtedly, the needs of each client are different, depending on many factors, including, but not limited to, phase of development of their business, cycle, financial situation, etc. Notwithstanding, our deep understanding of the intrinsic factors at play in investment banking transactions, as well as our unsurpassed product knowledge, make us uniquely qualified to craft and evaluate solutions for our clients.

Securities offered through Silver Leaf Partners, LLC, New York, NY. Member: FINRA and SIPC.